“Volcano” is a virtuoso work that has several contrasting episodes that explores robust and vigorous melodic fragments that become more intensive and ferocious has the work unfolds. The piece was inspired by the eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland in the autumn of 2014.

It starts with a bold statement of violent block chords that alternates with energetic pedal passages. This is followed by an extended calmer section that meditates on the pending upsurge of passion. Then follows a series of rising and falling eruptions, with fluctuating rhythmic motifs that expand as the tension builds into the finale pulsating climax.

© Paul Patterson

This programme not can be printed in concert programmes with a credit to the composer


Written 2015

Solo Organ

Length 7′

Commission: St. Albans International Organ Festival
Dedication: David Titterington
Publisher: Joseph Weinberger

First Performance
International Organ Competition, St Albans, 9th July 2015
All competition participants

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