I. Blues; II. Romp

A revisiting on Patterson’s part to a much earlier work, Two Grooves appropriates material from the saxophone quartet Diversions (1976) and reworks it in wholly new ways. The first part of this diptych, Blues, takes on a languidly nostalgic demeanor, a mood emphasized by the cor anglais’ melancholy voice. For the ensuing Romp, the cor anglais morphs into a perkier, more athletic oboe and the mood brightens noticeably as a result and the work continues with dazzling rhythmic exchanges between all four players and finishes in a virtuosic manner!

Programme note © Paul Pellay

In 2012 a 3rd movement was written for this and now the piece can be played as either Two Grooves or
Three Grooves


Written 2009

Oboe Quartet
Oboe and String Trio

Length 10′

Publisher: Joseph Weinberger

First Performance
St Mary Bredin, Canterbury, 2nd Nov 2012
Ian Crowther, oboe / Festival Chamber Orchestra

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