Decade; Reflection; Twists and Turns; Humoresque; Twirls; Cascades

Inspired by the title, Sioned Williams chose to name a musical celebration of her sixth decade, ‘Sioned’s Spiralling Sixtieth’. Patterson’s six-part piece is based on the musical notes D, E, C, A, D, E. The work is a set of varied ‘spirals’ each representing a decade of Sioned’s life, exploring different musical and technical elements including some effects such as harmonics, nail and pedal glissandi, and soundboard knocks. Incorporated in both the reflective, as well as the more up-beat and humorous movements, are patterns of notes which also provide visual spirals of arm and hand movements. Spirals captures elements of a diverse personality and is a celebratory gift for Sioned’s 60th birthday.

Decade makes a bold start, followed by Reflection, which features gentle bisbigliando and delicate scales. In Twists and Turns a melody mingles with glissandos spiralling up and down the harp. The quirky and light hearted Humoresque follows, brought to life with harmonics and soundboard knocks, before gentle chordal arpeggios infuse the slow and thoughtful Twirls. Cascades is a virtuosic display of rhythmic snippets amid visually exciting spirals, providing an upbeat finale.


Written 2013

Solo Harp
Length 10′

Commission: Sioned Williams for her 60th Birthday
Dedication:  Sioned Williams
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

World premiere
Royal Dublin Society, Ireland 20th June 2013

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