Intersections was commissioned by the Julliard Ensemble and premièred at the Lincoln Centre, New York in 1973.

The work is scored for flute, clarinet, horn, trombone, violin, cello, piano and percussion and requires three different types of ensemble synchronization: space-time, indeterminate grouping and metrically strict. The score draws upon the interaction and transformation of diverse elements, sound, sonority and noise, all united within the framework of serial organization. Transformation is the salient feature; that of single tones rotated around the ensemble, and that of the note-row material itself. Cadenzas exploit the greatest potential of the instruments, concentrating on the more unusual facets of their identity.

A complex double palindrome with canon is heard towards the end, immediately before the short recapitulation and coda.



Written 1973

Intrumental Ensemble. Flute-Clarinet-Horn-Trombone-Violin-Cello-Piano-Percussion
Length 15′

Commission: The Juilliard Ensemble
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

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