Over the last twenty years, Paul Patterson has been commissioned to write many fanfares for grand occasions such as festivals and cathedral celebrations.  They have all been written in what can loosely be described as the post-Walton/Bliss tradition and have subsequently been used at state occasions and ceremonies around the world.  As the title suggests, Patterson’s approach is more progressive in this piece.  Within a traditional fanfare framework, he uses contemporary harmony and texture and in doing so he was thinking of the way ahead for the Associated Board as it contemplated the inclusion of more contemporary music in its syllabuses at all grades.  The Fanfare is based on the initials of the Associated Board, A and B, and this interval of a major second is expanded and developed in a multitude of different ways.


Written 1989

Large Brass Ensemble. 4tpt-4hn-4tbn-tba-Timp-2Perc
Length 3

Commission:  Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

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