I. Time is Precious; II. Moonlight Lullaby; III. Whirling Around

The Cantonese Images was commissioned by the Symmetry Harp Duo for the 2017 World Harp Congress in Hong Kong with funds from the Tanza Trust.
The piece combines various traditional Cantonese melodies and harmony mixed with contemporary harp techniques. Each movement is inspired by a Cantonese children song which are very meaningful to the harpists Ching Man Ho and Lok Man Ho when they were young.
The first movement Time is Precious reminds young people to work hard as time will pass in the blink of an eye. It starts with the melody being passed between the harps played on harmonics, this idea returns at the end of the movement mixed with a variety of glissandos that change in speed and colour, the middle section is tranquil and flowing where the melody is gently transformed harmonically.
Moonlight Lullaby is about a mother expressing hope for her children while putting them to sleep, it has a distinctive textural flow with some twists and turns, and the use of different plucking techniques is featured.
Whirling Around is about a child in a busy market, it is fast and very rhythmic and it includes taping the soundboard, it ends with a huge energetic build up leading to a triumphal ending.


Written 2016

Two harps
Length 13′

Commission: The Tanza Trust
Dedication: Symmetry Harp Duo
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

First Performance
World Harp Congress, Hong Kong, 12th Jul 2017
World Harp Congress harpists

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