Paul Patterson’s CD release, Complete Works for Organ, has received a 5* review in the November/December issue of Choir & Organ Magazine, the the leading independent magazine for all professionals and amateurs in the choral and organ worlds.

Please see below for the review:

“For sheer drama, volume four reaches new heights in this innovative series. It pairs Paul Patterson’s expressionistic language with the vitality of the 1962 Harrison & Harrison organ in Coventry’s cavernous cathedral. From the opening bars of Tsunami, this is music and playing that grabs us by the ears and whisks us on a journey of vivid intensity. The aleatoric nature and graphic score of Games (1977) involves the player in constant invention; here, two different interpretations are presented. In this piece, Bonaventure explores outlandish stop combinations which expand the scope of the music. His playing is virtuosic, the music fascinating.”

Matthew Power
Choir and Organ November/December 2012

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