Programme note
Armistice was commissioned for Lavinia Meijer for the 65th Anniversary of ending of the 2nd World War and signing the peace treaty in Wageningen, Holland in 1945. The work was 1st performed live on Dutch television as part of the memorial service in Wageningen, on 5th May.

Armistice is a work that reflects the huge emotions of the ending of the 2nd world war and the signing of the Armistice in the Nederlands on the 5th day of the 5th month of the year 1945.

The numbers 1945.5.5 play a crucial roll in the organisation & structure of the work, coupled with a 5 note fragment taken from the Dutch National Anthem (starting on note 4).

The work opens with a grey mist of unusual shimmering effects that reflects the moment of the year 1945 and the period of desolation that proceeded it. Gradually through varying mists the notes of the 1945 motif are introduced with harmonics & fast tremelos. As the drama unfolds, elements of the Dutch national anthem are integrated into the ever darkening & tragic texture leading to an extended “Battle Music” section that embraces many violent and dissonant effects including visual gestures, rasping strings, the thunder effect & heavy descending glissandos. After this huge descending climax there is a moment of silence and a time of peace and passive reflection, that slowly transforms the 1945 motif into a fast march-like tune which gradually becomes more & more triumphant and leads to a glorious and magnificent finale that brings happiness and hope for the future.


Written 2010

Solo Harp

Length 10′

Publisher: Joseph Weinberger

World Premiere
Wageningen, Netherlands, 5th May 2010
Lavinia Meijer, harp

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