I. Scrumpy Giles; II. Widecombe Jan; III. Lazy Lawrence; IV. The Looe Bar Lady

Westerly Winds, commissioned by the Galliard Ensemble in 1999, is a recasting for wind quintet of the orchestral Four Rustic Sketches. It is essentially a sequence of four short fantasias based on West Country folk tunes.

The opening Scrumpy Giles is based on the Somerset tune Farmer Giles, leading off with a formal unison statement of the tune before setting off upon its even-tempered course. Before long, though, the tempo speeds up and the tune finds itself been accorded a far less deferential treatment before a final upward flourish brings matters to a forceful end. The Devon tune Widecombe Fair is the subject of the second movement, Widecombe Jan, and its unruffled manner imparts the music the character of an Intermezzo. The third movement, Lazy Lawrence, is the slow movement proper, and it uses the Dorset folk tune Linden Lea. The calm opening portion of the movement is offset by a more agitated central section which briefly disturbs the peaceful atmosphere. Eventually, Linden Lea restores everything to order with a grand, dignified statement before fading away to a quiet close.

The concluding movement, The Looe Bar Lady, turns its gaze towards Cornwall, with the Helston Floral Dance taking centre stage. Its dominance, however, is not uncontested, as another West Country tune, The British Grenadiers, aided and abetted by Farmer Giles and Linden Lea, repeatedly barges in and threatens to hog the limelight. However, the Floral Dance succeeds in having the last say as the music makes its last frantic dash to the finishing line.

Also available in a Symphonic Wind Band version


Westerly Winds (Scrumpy Giles – Widecombe Jan – Lazy Lawrence – The Looe Bar Lady)
Suzie Watson flute, Mana Shibata oboe, Joseph Shiner clarinet, Jonathan Farey horn, Catriona McDermid bassoon.
Recorded at Cherubim Mozart Plus Weekend 2015, Tisbury, Wilts, UK



Written 1999

Wind Ensemble
Wind Quintet. Flute-Oboe-Clarinet-Bassoon-Horn
Length 11′

Commission: Galliard Ensemble
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

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