Fifty composers from around the world were commissioned by Hungarian Radio to compose chamber works in homage to Béla Bartok to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death.

In the autumn of 1994 in a series of concerts entitled “Homage to Bartok” the new works were premièred at the Hungarian Radio studios in Budapest and were broadcast on the European Broadcasting Union.

Paul Patterson, some of whose works have Bartokian influences, was chosen to represent Great Britain. Patterson wrote “Soliloquy” Op.79, for solo clarinet, which is a paraphrase of the theme from the fifth movement from Bartok’s “Concerto for Orchestra”

In an arch form structure, “Soliloquy” is a six minute virtuosic showpiece which explores a wide range of clarinet techniques and registers. After the soft, slow atmospheric opening, the work progressively gathers momentum in a series of upward sweeping phrases. The central core explodes with exuberant virtuosity, and shows off the clarinetist’s technical ability with wild, fast, extrovert passages, scales and trills. Out of the mayhem, the opening melody appears triumphant, and is heard resounding in the upper register; gradually the melody unwinds, slowing down and becoming softer and softer as it tapers away to tranquility……


Written 1995

Solo Clarinet

Length 5′

Commission: Hungarian Radio for EBU for the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Bela Bartok.
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

First Performance
50th birthday concert for Edward Gregson at the Royal Academy of Music November 1995

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