Pieces commissioned to mark the opening of the Channel Tunnel and the launch of train services through the Tunnel.

The Royal Eurostar was commissioned by European Passenger Services for the State Opening of Waterloo International and the inauguration of the Channel Tunnel on 6th May, 1994. Conceived to exploit the interior space of the Waterloo International, it was written for 19 brass and percussion players; it builds on a sustained D which corresponds to the hum of Eurostar engines, and incorporates both ‘Rule Britannia’ and the ‘Marseillaise’. The intention was for its climax to coincide with the train leaving the station, and, with some good fortune, this was achieved.

Eurostar Fanfare
was conceived the opening to The Royal Eurostar, which in the original plans would have been played on the arrival of a train bringing the Queen from France; it became a separate piece after it was decided that the Queen would travel to, not from, France.

Paris Fanfare
heralded the arrival of the Queen at Waterloo, and was used again (with minor changes) for the inauguration of the London-Paris service on 16th November 1994. The Paris Fanfare was written to be first performed at the arrival of the very first ticket paying Eurostar-service to arrive from Paris, and was performed at Waterloo station to welcome the incoming passengers on this historic journey on 16th November 1994. That is why the thematic material employed, combines the French Marseillaise and Britain’s Rule Britannia in a triumphal fanfare of celebration!

Brussels Fanfare
was used for the launch of the London-Brussels Eurostar service, also on 16th November 1994.



Written 1994

Brass Ensemble 6Tpt-4Hn-4Tbn-2Tba-3Perc-(Organ optional)
Length 12′

Commission: Commissioned for the State opening of Waterloo International Terminal
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

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