I. Maestoso; II. Scherzo; III. Dramatico; IV. Giocosa e Vivace

The work is cast in five contrasting sections and lasts approximately 18 minutes. The first section is grandiose in character, conveying images of the sea; starting on low instruments and answered by a series of triplet fanfares. Following a gradual increase in intensity, the second movement follows: a rhythmic scherzo of wit and vitality. The central movement is sombre, while the fourth evokes images of mountains with alpine horn calls and echo effects. The triumphal finale brings together several of the earlier ideas in a virtuosic display of rejoicing.


The work was inspired by Wordsworth’s poem “Sonnet to Liberty”:

“Two voices are there – one is of the sea
One of the mountains – each a mighty voice
In both from age to age, thou didst rejoice
They are thy chosen music, Liberty!’



Written 1991

Symphonic Wind Band. Picc. Brass/3Perc/Timp
Length 16′

Commission: WASBE
Dedication: ‘To Tim Reynish’
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

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