Fluorescence is a typical example of a Patterson “fun piece” It was written early in his career when Patterson embarked on writing a series accessible showpieces for various groups.

The Incorporated Association of Organists commissioned it as an opening voluntary for their Congress in Exeter in 1973. John Jordan was the organist at its premiere in Exeter Cathedral. Over the years it has proved to be quite popular with organist as it has an immediate impact on the listener with its very catchy cross rhythms and upbeat harmonic progressions. It is a real showpiece for organ and takes the form of lively toccata influenced by the French toccata tradition. After the opening series of flamboyant flourishes the main tune enters on the pedals whilst the chordal patterns on the manuals maintain a relentless rhythmic momentum that leads to the final grandiose section where the main tune is heard in augmentation leading to a triumphal conclusion.


Written 1973

Solo Organ

Length 4′

Commission: : Incorporated Association of Organists
Dedication: ‘To Elisabeth and Lionel Dakers’
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

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