This piece is about the development of melodic motifs taken from the Blackbird folksong.

At the start we hear two phrases of the Blackbird melody, the first eight notes, answered by the last sixteen. Like the definition of arboretum, the arboriculture is the cultivation of trees, and I go through a compositional process of cultivation. I recycle the Blackbird emelemnts and turn them into a work that features the bassoon who transforms the Blackbird rhythm into a ‘swing’ number with jazz influenced harmony.

One movement from full work for wind quintet. Full work, ‘Creating Landscapes’, is a compilation of one movement each by five composers.


Written 2010

Wind Ensemble
Wind Quintet. Flute-Oboe-Clarinet-Bassoon-Horn

Length 4′

Commission: Presteigne Festival
Publisher: Joseph Weinberger

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