The Canonic Lullaby was first performed in Germany in 2016 with Andreas Wehrenfennig Harp and Bernhard Forster Oboe. As the title suggests it is a calm lyrical piece and has the feel of Italian barcarolle with flowing melodies and gently rocking rhythms that float between the oboe and harp. It starts with a graceful statement of the theme in cannon on the harp; it is then taken by the oboe in its upper register and gently falls away to its low register. A series of calm conversation between the two performers ensues leading to a number of gentle climaxes where the oboe embellishes the melody with fast moving scales and passionate gestures. Following the final climax the atmosphere gradually becomes calmer and the falling melodic line descends lower recalling the opening passage, and eventually moves to the lower register of the harp whilst the oboe hovers on reflective high harmonics.


Also available in a version for flute and harp


Written 2016

Oboe and harp

Length 7′

Dedication: Andrea Wehrenfennig
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

World Premiere
Freising, Germany, 25th Sep 2016
Andreas Wehrenfennig, harp / Bernard Forster, oboe

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