The Canonic Concerto for flute and harp and string orchestra was written for Veronika Lemishenko and was going to be performed at her harp festival in the Ukraine but sadly couldn’t because of the Russian invasion.

It is in two movements, the first is calm and lyrical and has the feel of barcarolle with flowing melodies and gently rocking rhythms that float between the flute and harp. It starts with a graceful statement of the theme with a series of calm conversation between the soloists and orchestra leading to a number of gentle climaxes, following the final climax the atmosphere gradually becomes calmer leading to a gentle ending.

The second movement is based on well know Ukrainian folk songs. It is fast and very energetic with a series of enthusiastic conversations. There is a short calmer section leading to a fast furious exciting ending.


Written 2021

Flute, Harp & Strings

Length 14′

Commission: Glowing Harp Festival Ukraine
Dedication:Veronika Lemishenko
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

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