Programme note
“Brumba” is an energy driven showpiece that requires virtuosic playing! It is a highly rhythmic work that embraces dance-like rhythms, particularly the cross rhythms of the rumba. As it is especially written for the opening recital of the refurbished Birmingham Town Hall the composer has wittingly entitled the piece “Brumba” a combination of rumba and the affectionate term for Birmingham , Brum!

As the title suggests it is a fun piece, it is essentially a fast flowing toccata that revolves around a six note motif. The work starts with bold statements of the motif interrupted by heavy off-beat abrasive chords and exuberant flourishes. After a number of these sequences the toccata-proper starts at a very brisk tempo. The dance-like patterns are first heard on the manuals as the cross rhythms are passed athletically between the hands, joined later by elongated statements of the motif on the pedals. This wild activity continues relentlessly with many harmonic and rhythmic twists and turns. After much dexterity there is a slightly calmer and quieter central section; but this is short lived as the work builds and moves towards the reworking of the opening statement. This leads into the final coda section; which uses the motif in augmentation and expands to a triumphal and grandiose ending.

Recorded at the Annual Festival of New Organ Music


Written 2007

Solo Organ
Length 7′

Commission: Birmingham Town Hall
Publisher: Josef Weinberger

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